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Saturday, November 25, 2006

#4: Mom and Dad

For treatment #4, my parents came to Atlanta. Above, you can see my mother cooking a turkey (which is sure to be delicious because we used the Williams Sonoma turkey, and b/c my Mom is a good cook). And you can also see my father doing one of the things he's really good at -- sleeping on the sofa and watching football.

See Tache and Carla -- people CAN relax on my sofa.

Treatment #4 went fine. It's basically the same routine, which I'm getting used to: Wednesday I feel like a dead man; Thursday I feel surprisingly well and energetic; Friday I feel exhausted and ready to crawl out of my skin (because I truly, truly hate that little bag that's connected to my chest and it makes me claustrophobic); Saturday and Sunday I have Neulasta flu, but feel ready to face the world again.

Wednesday we went to the hospital. My father, who has heard me complain about my "doctor," wants to "kick his ass." I explained to him that this might be how business is done in Wyoming but that I prefer to hit the man where it really hurts -- his pocket book. While having my treatment Wednesday, I told my "doctor" (through his nurse, since I never actually SEE the man) that I wanted an appointment with my surgical oncologist after the PET Scan to get his opinion about how to proceed. The "doctor" said, according to the nurse, that "he would handle talking to Dr. Staley [the surgeon]" after the PET Scan. So, this week I'll have to write "Dr." Carr another letter explaining my rights as a patient to him and telling him that I am not asking, but demanding, an appointment with Dr. Staley.

After the infusion, we came home and I slept while my parents, saints they are, rubbed my feet. Did you hear that Carla? Henry? They rubbed my feet!

Thursday we went to Wendy's house for Thanksgiving dinner. So it was Wendy & Greg (hosts), Ben (magician and photographer), Jakey (violinist and humorist), Bobby (Wendy's Mom, from Toronto/Florida), Michael (Bobby's partner), Beth (Bobby's long-lost best friend from childhood and now from LA), Andy (cool friend of Wendy's from Spellman {I believe....sorry Andy}), Bill (friend of Andy), Henry (Diabetes specialist and trombonist), Hinky (nice cat) and Bumble (sometimes nice cat, but not so nice lately to his brother), Asa & Heidi (Chet's parents), and Chet (me). That's 13 people, if I'm counting correctly. Good job Wendy and Greg!

It was a very fun night. We arrived at 6ish and I actually made it until 10:30!! The food was amazing. Ben dazzled everyone with his magic tricks. (You're not fooling me, though, Ben!) Michael taught my Dad how to save Wyoming's economy. Bobby told us what she would do to Bill Clinton, where, and how (Bobby is funny, funny, funny). We had THREE desserts! Well, Wendy and I had FOUR desserts, but that was our special treat, just the two of us. The only thing I regretted was that I couldn't have any wine, but you'd all be quite surprised at how much I ate. I know I was surprised. All and all it was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, Bob and Mimo came over. Mimo also teaches at GSU/Sociology, and Bob, her husband, is a nurse at Emory. Because my "doctor's" office was closed Friday, Bob agreed to come and unhook me from my chemo bag and give me my $6000 Neulasta shot. That was so nice of them. Bob was far nicer about unhooking me than my usual nurses, who jerk me around like a puppet. And I think he did something special with the Neulasta, because I don't feel nearly as fluish today as I usually do the day after Neulasta.

Today is my parents last day. I wish we could have done more fun things while they were here, because I think they really LOVE Atlanta (what's not to love -- it's 72 degrees today). We've walked around my neighborhood a lot, which is fun, but they haven't gotten to see much. I'm sure my Dad is going nuts wanting to golf, which he could easily do today, but he's patiently sitting around my tiny apartment, not being too obvious about the thumb-twiddling. We're making our own Thanksgiving food today, which we'll eat tonight. While the Turkey is cooking, I'm going to take my parents to show them my office.

My parents' visit was made much easier by the generosity of Kirk and Claire. They are in Hawaii and offered their house to my parents while here. This made life much easier because, as everyone knows, my apartment is the size of a postage stamp, and my parents snore (sorry Mom and Dad, but you do, and you know you do). All jesting aside, Kirk and Claire's place is literally a one-minute drive from my place so it provided my parents with comfort and privacy, and we didn't have to worry about me getting sick and not having anyone close-by to help me out. I hope Kirk and Claire had a wonderful time in Hawaii.

So, PET Scan a week from Monday. I'll let you all know what's what.

I've really, really, really encrypted the password this time, so don't expect any poison-pen posts from Tache.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your apartment looks so cool from the photos. I can't wait to see it next week...and give Tache her B-A-T-H. -;)

4:09 PM  
Blogger shatterer said...

Sinque, your kitchen appliances are AWFUL...!!!

REALLY, I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!


8:51 PM  
Blogger shatterer said...

Sinque, your kitchen is AWFUL!!!
Really! Those units ....!

I'm shocked (and a little disturbed).


8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a wealthy Marxist like you, Shatterer. I can't afford the high-end kitchen gadgets.


9:04 AM  
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