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Friday, November 10, 2006

#3: Chris P.

Treatment #3 has gone pretty well. My friend Chris Pierce came from Shushan, NY to take care of me. Chris, shown above, is an artist. Also above is a picture of his (spectacular) studio in Shushan, as well as some of his work. Also, here's a link to Chris's website with some of his other work: http: Chris and his partner Tommy have taught me more about art, music, and theater than I ever could have hoped to have known. I'm going to Boston the 1st week in December (hopefully) to see Tommy's production of "Queer Theory," which will be shown at the MIT Kresge Little Theater. And here's a link to that:

Yesterday I felt really amazing. In fact, it was quite odd that I felt so well. It was the first time that I've done a chemotherapy treatment and basically felt almost entirely normal. Chris and I went on a long walk around my neighborhood. Then, we met up with Stephen at a coffee house. After that, Stephen, Chris, and I went to an antique store to look around. And then Stephen gave Chris and me a ride to Whole Foods to buy groceries. Chris made dinner when we got home, and then we all went to my friend Wendy's house for birthday cake (HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!). And then we came home and watched "Heights," a really good movie with Glenn Close, all of whose lines are from Shakespeare.

So that was a pretty packed day, and I felt great for almost all of it. Very, very suspicious!! I think it might have something to do with the Reike treatment Melissa T. gave me. Thanks Melissa.

Today I feel a bit worse, but not too terrible. I went to the hospital at noon to get "unhooked." I've felt tired since then, but I actually think it's the Neulasta (white blood cell count booster -- price tag = $6000/injection) that does it to me. So tonight will be more movies and relaxation, and I plan on getting to bed early.

I also want to thank Kirk E. for bringing so many goodies for Chris and me yesterday. Kirk and his wife Claire also got tickets for Chris and me to go see a play at Emory this evening, but I had to skip because I don't want to overdo things (like I probably did yesterday). And I want to thank Dawn B. for lending me Eddie Izzard and Gone w/ the Wind (which I've never seen but now must see since I'm officially a Georgian), as well as for the fresh supply of Dolly Madisons (delicious).

And I want to thank God for letting the Democrats win. I know you did your best with that Harpy Barbara Cubin, God, and I know you're as sad as I am that she appears to have won.

But at least she's not pretty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really glad to hear that this treatment round has gone so smoothly. Say hi to Chris for me.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am writing this to see if this shit really works. You have to remember when you design blogs that your Mother and I are from Wyoming where a blog is a missspelled word or the beginning of Mom's bosses last name. I think your cat is fat and should be put on a diet. Would you see if Chris has any western art that he wants to give away. You know being from Sinclair we don't know what art is and the only thing we do know if cowboys and indians stuff. Mom says she has been trying to send you a comment but doesn't have a clue how the hell to do it but for that matter neither do I. I have sent you a bunch of e-mails but don't know if you received them. I am looking forward to coming to Atlanta in a couple of weeks so I can check out the golf courses. Oh, yea and to see you. Your going to take me golfing while I am there ok.
I just had a great idea about Thanksgiving. Instead of turkey lets have white cat I hear it tasty if you saute it in a good red wine and then only eat small portions. OK enough BS.
A man and his wife are on the golf course. The man tees off and duck hooks his ball right into the side of his wifes head. She drops right on the spot. The coroner comes out and investigates her death. He determines she has died from a blunt blow the the head. A couple of weeks later the coroner calls the man and says "Sir, I have determined your wife died from a blow to the head caused by a golf ball". The man says "I thought we had already decided that". The coroner agrees but then says to the man, "While I was doing the autopsy on your wife I found and golf ball in her ass". Can you tell me how it got there? The man replies, "Yes sir, that was my mulligan"!
Enjoy and see you soon.
the old man

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi jason -- i can't find the horowitz article on, but i think we should post it and then have you respond to it.

hi dad -- thanks for your funny post. people never believe me when i tell them you're one of the funniest people alive, but here you are. i had a really good treatment (well not "good," but you know what i mean). i'm really looking forward to seeing you and mom in a few weeks.


11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tache, we have told Jasper (our little puppy dog whom is eye level with the stove top) all about you and he seems to think you sound quite tasty:-) He wanted to congratulate you on your Tache views and wishes that his paws were as talented as yours!! Although he was glad to see that another of his furry friends were able to express their opinions as well as you did, he thought you should keep your white hair in Atlanta! Hugs and Kisses, Jasper

Chet, glad we got to hear from you tonight! Wish we could have stayed for our visit through the weekend also [we could make some good taxi drivers there:-), ya know being experienced and all], but we are both thinking about our next chance we'll be able to make it to Atlanta. We really enjoyed our visit with you and it was a lot of fun and even better when we were able to stay closer to you at the Gaslight Inn, thank you!!! I don't know, you might have us hooked with that Atlanta weather, of which we are both missing right now. In Casper, we are only having 50 mph winds, no biggy though, we just hang on to what ever is close. There is only one thing I do have to question about Atlanta though, is that I have no idea what in the hell those huge spiders were, but I will definately remember to look under the bed next time I am there!!! We hope the next treatment goes well, as we now you are a tough guy (and a great brother) We love you lots and take care, as always our thoughts and prayers are with you, Bonnie and Clyde

8:35 PM  
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